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  • Package Bees Delivered to Denver Colorado
  • Wayne Ragland helps us with our Package bees in Salt Lake.

#3 Package Bees Delivered to Salt Lake City April 15th 2017


Product Description


Saturday, April 15th 2017 we will have a 3 Lbs bees with a Spring Italian Queen Delivered to Salt Lake City, Utah. 

What comes with a Packages of Bees

  • 3Lbs of bees
  • One newly mated Spring queen protected in a queen cage (learn more about what queens are being used this year)
  • One screened cage
  • One 20 oz. can of liquid feed (this feeds the bees while in transit)
  • Price includes cage, delivery, and we will replace any expired queens with in 24 hours completely complementary.

How we do it

We hand shake these bees from very strong and healthy colonies of honey bees.  We then add a spring queen to this swarm of bees.  We quickly load them on our truck and deliver them to you at in the Salt Lake Area.  We try our best to have shaken the bees and deliver within 72 hours.  It's our experience that pays off with quality bee packages from Apis Hive Co.  Your welcome to view our 3 minute package making video here.


Why buy a package of bees to get started?

If you need to replace, grow, or get started in beekeeping a three pound package of bees is the most common way.  We can help you by getting you the very best bees.  We pick the best, breed the best, and make the best.  Apis Hive and Honey & Co. can help you get reset up, or start anew.  We have everything you need, so get started out right.  Here is one of the many ways we help you out.  Complete instructions.  How to install a package of honey bees


Who helps us 

Steve Park Queens Apis Hive & Honey has done the hard work for you. We've found what we think is a respsummeronsible keeper. Steve Park has been raising queens and doing it for over 40 years just like his dad did prior 20 years before that. No matter what you are doing with your hives they have to be good honey producers to be strong and healthy throughout the year. Steve and Sharon operate over 10,000 hives in 5 states ending up with most of them in Montana for the summer. But before Steve takes off north, he's promised to help us with our packages and produce the very best queens for them as well. Steve Park Apiaries continually monitors mites, both varroa, and tracheal throughout the year. We want the best for you, and for us as well. Steve Park and his queens are Golden Italians.  They are best known for: fast buildup, high honey production, and mite resistant. His stewardship of his bees and reputation succeeds him.


Important Information

After you place your order you will see a PDF file available to download.  This is informative sheet that gives you more detail on when and where to pick up your package.  It's not required to download but it does have some information you will need to get prior to picking up your package of bees.  Thank you for doing that, I know it may seem unusual.  

Remember bees are an unpredictable insect and are vulnerable to weather patterns, and wildlife. We do not warranty behavior, production, or performance.  We appreciate the trust you place in Apis Hive & Honey Co., and we are committed to respecting your privacy and the security of your personal information. Apis Hive & Honey Co. never knowingly shares customer information with third parties. Please bee sure to read our Policy on our Package Bees.



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