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  • Please come with netting.  We want you to get home with all the bees you've bought.
  • 5 Frame nucs with a Spring queen

5 Frame Nuc in temporary cardboard box Pick up Saturday May 12th in Grand Junction


Product Description

5 Frame Nucs

Italian Queens will be provided from Wootens Queens, Pendell, Steve Park Apiaries. All companies are very reputable and reliable.  Nucs will be available for pick up Saturday May 12th 2018 here in Grand Junction.  Description of our 5 Frame Deep Nucs: We respectfully place these Nucs with more than enough brood, honey,and pollen.  This helps establish a healthy honeybee colony in your 5 frame nuc. After purchase please download the PDF(INSTRUCTIONS, ADDRESS, and TIME) associated with this item

Our Promise

    • We re-queen your nuc with a newly mated Spring queen. (see more details below) 
    • One temporary cardboard nuc box (made with recycled cardboard then coated with wax for temporary weather resistance)
    • We hand select the best 3 frames of brood and bees.
    • 1 Full frame of honey and pollen for proper nutrition.
    • 1 New frame of none drawn out foundation.(bees may of not worked this frame)

Extra Details

2018 Spring Italian queen will be more gold in color then black.  They are hygienic, gentle, and produces excellent workers for honey production.  We do not raise these queens.  Queens cannot be raised in high elevation climates until late June.


Understand that we do not guarantee that you will be able to successfully continue to establish a colony or "hive" the nuc. You agree that you will not attempt to hold us Apis Hive & Honey Co. responsible for whatever may happen to your nuc after it is picked up from us by you.  Tax is included in price.  Please read our Warrenty Policy.

Please Download the PDF associated with this product.  Directions, Map, Time, Date, and other important details on this PDF that will be emailed to you with your receipt.


Warranty Agreement

We do not refund any money for Nucs that do not survive your transit or fall short of expectations.  However it is in our best interest to give you the best support we can.  Please call us immediately after you get your nuc home if you have any concerns or questions.  Also please see our How to install a nuc page. Our best practices will ensure you have success.  Also key transit tips should always be followed.

Following your purchase of this product you will see a PDF available for download.  This PDF will give you more information about your purchase and pick up.  It's not required to download but you will find it useful.

We do not garantee that you bees will be clear of other pest.  We do not guarantee that the bees will not die due to stress caused during transportation.  You realize that transporting bees has it's risks.  If you do not take possession of your bees on your pick up day you do forfeit a $50 no show fee.  If you miss your pick up date Apis Hive & Honey Co. is not responsible to supplying bees to you if you miss your date.

Not all beehive frames are created equal.  Some may be plastic, some wood, some both plastic and wood.  We do not guarantee that you will get frames that look pretty, or meet your expectations, however we strive for a hive with quality frames.  It's in our best interest to make these nucs successful.  However in reality they are what they are.  These frames are there to get you started, you may feel later on that you may want to replace them down the road. It's not impossible for you bees to become sick or ill for fall to other factors that hinder your hive. Please see our full policy for refunds, and performance and any additional information that may apply to this product.


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