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  • Be ready for your package and purchase direct from the manufacture.  Apis Hive and Provident Bee Equipment based in Oak City, Utah have teamed up to give you the best deal anywhere! $59.95  For pick up only during our bee delivery's.
  • We know wooden ware.  We make it from scratch from high quality pine.  Provident Bee owns a one of kind 3D router that no other manufacture has.  Click on our manufacturing video to learn more on our home page.  See the quality and buy direct.

Assembled Hive Body Painted With 10 Frames Early bird special


Product Description

See for yourself just exactly how we make these extremely high quality bee boxes. It's short insightful video:

Why Our equipment

Be ready for your package or nuc and purchase direct from the manufacture.  Apis Hive & Honey from Grand Junction, Colorado and Provident Bee Equipment (Bliss Box) based in Oak City, Utah have teamed up to give you the best deal anywhere! $59.95 Gives you a completely assembled  ready for the honey flow.  This is a fully assembled and painted 10 Frame Kit! Our Hive Body and complete kits are made with quality pine and every box is stapled for added strength. Our frames are hand built and come complete with Standard Wax Coated plastic foundation.  Get the started right way the first time.  Buy from a bee keeper that uses the equipment we make from scratch.


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Provident Bee provides 1000's of boxes to the bee industry. We have a one of kind machinary that gives our design a huge advantage over other bee boxes.  Buy buying direct you get the best deal.  Basically your buying wholesale, and skip the middlemen.  Apis Hive & Honey has the ability to delivery these boxes at great price to the three locations.(Denver, Salt Lake, and Grand Junction)  Check out all our wooden ware deals and pick up dates.  They are way to good to pass up.  



After you place your order you will see a PDF file available to download.  This will provide more information about your purchase.




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