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Package Bee Options for Denver

Apis Hive & Honey is a Colorado based bee keeping business.  We've been providing bees to the whole State of Colorado and Utah for many years.  We are now taking orders for package bees.  Timing is important and supply is limited.  We hand shake these 3# pound package of bees.  Includeded in the package is a Italian queen that has some Carniolan traits as well.  Strong bees, hygienic behavior, and great honey producers. For 2018 we will be delivering them to four different locations.  Salt Lake City, Denver Littleton, Denver Wheatridge, and Grand Junction. Location, dates, and details are shown "View Details" 

*We do not ship bees via UPS or Postal service. 

When considering how stressed a colony of bees can become, consider letting us deliver your bees to our drop points.  Our nonstop, two driver, temperature controlled trailer gives the bees the least stress possible.  We do our best to make sure the bees have a limited time in the package.  In most cases as little as 72 hours.
Chad Ragland
A Rocky Mt. Bee Keeper


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